Saturday, March 22, 2014

10 Steps to Get an Organized Kitchen

Organizing a kitchen is one of the most important part of home organization. Once we are done with setting up our well organized kitchen and keep maintaining it, kitchen experience will be always very comfortable and time saving. I followed simple ten steps to organize my kitchen. And the outcome is an amazing experience. Hope this will help some of my readers too.

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  1. Get rid of unnecessary or extra kitchen stuffs. 
  2. Sort kitchen spices, dry foods, kitchen gadgets, bake/cookware, small kitchen appliances, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, serving dishes, kitchen utensils, cutlery sets, knives, kitchen textiles, cookbooks/ recipe books, tabletop decor, other kitchen tools and accessories. 

  3. In kitchen cabinets/ pantry/ kitchen shelf, allocate space for each of the above mentioned category.
  4. After using any stuff, put it back to it's own place. 
  5. Space for bakeware, cookware and spices should be kept close to the stove. Lid racks can be used to organize lids. Label spices in similar see-through jars so that you can find easily that you need. 

  6. Organize dinnerware, glassware and serving dishes and small kitchen appliances according to their use. For example, special serving dishes that are used occasionally can be kept in higher shelves. On the other hand, dishes that are used frequently should stand close to your reach. 
  7. Sort spoon, fork and knives and use drawer organizer to organize those in a cabinet drawer. Alternatively, small storage box with dividers can be used for cutlery sets. 

  8. Kitchen textiles such as kitchen towels, dish cloths, oven mitts and pot holders should be kept in designated place so that when required, you can reach those easily . 
  9. Keep recipe books/ cook books in a place where moisture and oil spills do not reach.

  10. Kitchen cleaners should be kept within kitchen. You can allocate under the sink space to organize those. 
Note:You may not have enough cabinet space to store all your kitchen stuffs. Try to use shelf or other storage unit to organize your kitchen. De clutter kitchen counter tops and use storage boxes to provide minimal visibility of kitchen stuffs that do not help your kitchen to look good. However, prioritize your convenience to find the stuff you need.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Use Wall Decals to Turn Your Room Wall into a Beautiful Art Work

Wall decals give a unique atmosphere to each room of your home. A wall decal is a vinyl sticker that has recently been very popular as a home decorating product. It is also known as a wall sticker or wall vinyl. Decals can be either in a single colour or may have various images featuring words, pictures and designs printed upon them. Vinyl wall stickers come in various shapes and sizes. They may vary from simple wall borders to more complex pattern or design cut outs to cover entire walls.

Wall decals are easy to stick, and easy to remove. Although some wall decals are reusable, most of them are for single use. Wall decals can be used to decorate your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and more. You can either order by clicking on pictures from the following gallery or choose from hundreds of wall stickers & murals from Etsy, Wordans, Walmart Canada, or other companies. Some of these companies have option to create customized wall decals so that you can show your creativity by designing you own wall decals. So, don't wait to turn your room wall into a beautiful art work.

Black PVC Branches Birds Door Room Art
Mural Wall Sticker Decal
Black Vinly Quote Letter Floral Door Room Window Art
Mural Wall Sticker Decal
Love Heart Tree Branch Bird Home Room Art
Mural Wall Sticker Decal Removable
Sakura Season - X-Large Wall Decals Stickers
Appliques Home Decor
Wall Sticker Decal Art Mural Room
PVC Removable Cute Birds Trees Colorful
Lime Orange Tree Falling Leaves Birds
Wall Sticker Decal

Every Child is an Artist Wall Decal
Two colors Branches and birds

Wall Decal Nature- Flower Birds Z157 Cuma
3 Birch Tree with Birds, Vinyl Wall Sticker

Magnolia Branch with white 3D flowers and sage green leaves
Flower in the Wind Wall Decal
Branch with Flying Birds

Monday, March 10, 2014

Unique Wall Lamps for Room Decoration

Now a days, decorative wall lamps are very popular.  These light fixtures can be used to create dramatic environment in rooms. Please find below an unique collection of decorative wall lamps.. Please click on pictures to view product detail, price and shipping information.

Iron wall lamp, 'Eclipse of the Sun' (Mexico)
Iron wall lamp, 'Solar Light' (Mexico)

Iron wall lamp, 'Mexican Water Jar' (Mexico)
Iron wall lamp, 'Acapulco Palms' (Mexico)

For more wall lamp collection please click here. icon