Sunday, May 31, 2015

How do you keep your kitchen clean?

My simple, tidy and organized kitchen

How do you keep your kitchen clean? How about it's look now?

My kitchen gets really messy while I cook. You will find my chopping board, pots and pans, containers for spices, spoons and obviously foods that are to be processed all over my kitchen counter tops. So, keeping my kitchen clean after cooking is a big task for me. To make this task easier, I am practicing to maintain the tidiness of my kitchen while cooking. For example, now a days , I am wiping up oil spills or stains from food from the stove top immediately after finishing cooking. Also, cleaning chopping board, kitchen utensils and putting spice containers in proper places after each use is helping me to keep the kitchen counter top mess-free. So, all  I need to do after preparing food is to wash dishes, clean the sink and kitchen floor. However, I really love to maintain the coziness of my kitchen. So, once in a week I spend hours to thoroughly clean my kitchen with  some stainless steel polishgranite counter top cleaner and glass stove top cleaner t to maintain it's gorgeous look. I want my kitchen to shine it as one of the most beautiful part of my cozy home. 

Please share the look and secret of your beautiful kitchen with the fans of "We Love Cozy Home."

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