Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinet Shelves?

My previous article 10 Steps to Get an Organized Kitchen was on kitchen organization. However, if you have just started working on this kitchen organization project, that article was quite brief to follow as a guideline towards an organized kitchen . That is why, I have planned to write more on kitchen organization. Let us first start with how we can organize our kitchen cabinet shelves.

Kitchen cabinet shelves are great places to store and organize dinnerware, glassware serving dishes, bake ware, spices, small kitchen appliances and may more. If you have already decluttered your kitchen stuffs and sorted those based on their uses, then the next thing to do is to put those in their designated places. In this article, I will show you the way I organized dinnerware, glassware and serving dishes in my kitchen cabinets. 

First of all, I have manageable stuffs in my kitchen cabinet shelves. If I want, I can buy more plates, dishes and glasses of unique designs, styles and varieties at anytime. Since there is no limit of buying stuffs, I decided not to add anything new at my kitchen unless something is really important. I really do not like to get overwhelmed with tons of stuffs at my kitchen where organizing those stuffs could be a big challenge .

Secondly, I sorted all the stuffs based on their uses. If you notice, you will find that the two bottom shelves from the cabinets in the above picture are used to store dinnerware glassware and serving dishes that I use regularly. On the other hand, the upper shelves are used for organizer bakeware and serving dishes that I need occasionally. As a result, I always can reach for stuffs that I need very comfortably.

Thirdly, as shown in the following pictures, I used organizer shelves and I did not stack different dinner plates or bowls of different types one over other. This makes it easier to go for only a particular type of plates or mugs without moving others. 

These organizer shelves are very handy not only for keeping your dishes separate but also for maximizing the available spaces in cabinets. They comes in different types and prices and are available in almost all the retail stores including Walmart and Target. You can also buy these online from

Last but not the least, I did not put all the glassware such as glasses, cups and mugs at the same place. This is simply because I wanted those to look good. By putting mugs or dishes of different colour not at the same place, creates a variation on the way they visually appear to me or whoever using these stuffs.

That is all about my organization style for now. Hope you like it. Please don't forget to share your experience with kitchen organization. Let me know how you organize your kitchen cabinet shelves. 


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