"We Love Cozy Homes" is the reflection of my passion for home decoration. Although I do not have a background on interior design, from my childhood till now I have always been attracted by well decorated, organized, clean and cozy homes and keep praising people who can maintain their home like that. It does not cost much but take a little effort to make your home look really cozy. Whoever love to decorate his own home can always turn the home cozy.What we only need are: little planning before buying anything for home, a good sense of colour combinations, presence of organizational skill, practice of cleanliness and liking for home decoration.

In this blog, I express my thoughts and ideas on home decoration. I also share certain home decor product link of my taste.  I would love to hear and learn from my readers experiences.

So, let us improve our home decoration experience with tips, ideas and product information and develop a taste of unique decorative accessories, art work, decorative pillows/cushions, lighting and many more. Let us get organized, maintain tidiness and enjoy our cozy dream home.

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