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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Vast Selection of Bedroom Textiles at Quilts Etc.

Are you planning to buy some bedroom textiles for your cozy home recently? Quilts Etc. has a wide  collection of bedroom textiles that you can easily afford. Quilts etc. carries Canadian Crafted Down Duvets as well as silk, wool and synthetic styles. From basic 300-thread-count blends to luxurious 600 thread count, 100% cotton sheeting, the Eco Friendly natural fibers Trencel (Lyocell) and Bamboo, Quilts Etc. has everything that you need! 

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to Decorate Kids Bedroom?

Kids are the source of happiness. They add glory and joy to a family. They give reason to live.  They deserve their own space in our cozy home. Small kids may or may not stay in a separate room from their parents. Also, you may not have a extra room at your house right now for the little one. Depending on you situation, you can allocate a room or some space for your kids and decorate it accordingly.

Contemporary Kids by Orlando Design-Build Firms Hobus Homes
Contemporary Kids by Orlando 
Design-Build Firms Hobus Homes

  • Use bright colors for kids bedroom:
  • While decorating a kids bedroom, use vibrant wall painting, matching textiles and colorful furniture.

  • Allow plenty of storage spaces: 
  • Kids need their own spaces for storing their cloths, accessories, toys, books and many more. Try to make use of closets, shelves and space under the bed through bins, hanging organizers, baskets etc.

  • Leave some space for reading, writing and drawing: 
  • If possible, arrange a small table and chair to create a reading space for your kid.

  • Allow enough free space within the room: 
  •  Do not make the room very crowded with lots of stuffs.Instead, try to leave enough free space within the room so that your kid can have space to move around and enjoy his little play area.

  • Keep the room tidy and organized: 
  • The more you keep your kids room tidy and organized, more your kids will learn to be organized. Ask help from your kids to make up his beds and clean up the mess everytime he makes while after playing.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2014

    How Bedroom Ideas Vary with Furniture Arrangements

    There are many ways to design a bedroom. Each bedroom looks different in terms of furniture type, furniture design, furniture colour, furniture settings, wall color, bedroom textiles, lighting and decorations. What are the most important facts for you while arranging furniture in a bedroom?

    Check out the following self explanatory designs to see how only the arrangement of furniture can affect a bedroom design. I used a Queen Bed, a double dresser, a night table, a crib and a laundry basket while designing each bedroom with interior design tool. Each design has pros and cons. However, I like the last design (Design 6) most since it shows easy access to every furniture and provides the maximum free space  next to the entrance of the bedroom and thus make the bedroom look bigger.  Which furniture setting do you like best?

    Design 1:


    Monday, April 7, 2014

    Why Does Room Makeover is Important?

    All of us more or less need a little makeover to go outside, to attend in a party or on special occasions. We love to experiment with the ways we appear in front of families and friends. We do makeovers to feel good and get appreciated by others for our presentation. From this perspective, our home should get some makeover once in a while. Beside doing regular house keeping you can create new colour theme for a room or move around with colour themes between rooms through textiles, decor accessories or changed layout of furniture. A little change in a room can give you a very good feeling. Checkout my recent makeover experiments with a bedroom in the following pictures.

     Have you recently done any experiment with the way your room looks? If not then get inspired by Spring. Give your room some new makeover to get rid of it's monotonous look and share your experience with "We Love Cozy Homes".

    Thursday, February 13, 2014

    Big or Small: Fall in Love with Your Cozy Bedroom

    Photo Curtesy: Jececa Sayem
    Bedroom is the place where we relax and sleep. Beside this, in a bedroom, some of us dress up,  get ready to out, watch TV, do some quite reading, listen to music, have some chat with family members and so on. However, a bed room should always hold a cozy relaxing  environment. To maintain this environment, we need to focus on the following facts:   
    • Wall colour:  Any shades can be chosen for big bedrooms. However, while selecting paint, we have to keep in mind that light colour always make thinks look open, big and wide. Although, taste varies from person to person, for a small bedroom, avoiding dark wall paints will be an wise idea. Accent painting is very popular now a days and people do use different colours in a paint single room. In that case, for a small bedroom, a bright paint (not with a blackish tone) can be chosen for a single wall where the other walls are painted in a very light shade. 

    • Floor colour/material: As I already mentioned, in light colour, things appear bigger and wider. Choosing colour and material for floor totally depends on budget, convenience, availability, trend  etc. However, for small bedrooms, dark floor colour should be avoided.

    • Bedroom Furniture Type: For most of us, a bed is not the only furniture that we need in a bedroom. Most of us keep almost all of our personal belongings such as: clothing, accessories, jeweleries, cosmetics, etc in our bedroom. So,  depending on our need, beside having a bed we usually go for some storage for bedroom like dresser, chest, armoire and/or night table. Additionally, entertainment unit, sofa/chair, tea table, etc can be part of bedroom furniture too. However, for a small bedroom, we need to select only the furniture that we need most.      

    • Style of Bedroom Furniture: Slim designs are usually preferable for a small bedroom.

    • Colour of Bedroom Furniture:  While choosing colour for furniture, we need two keep two points in our mind.
      •  First of all, furniture colour should be selected based on the wall colour of bedroom. For example, dark furniture will look good in a more neutral color bedroom. 
      • Secondly, within a room, colour for different furniture should be consistent. If possible, try to stick with a single colour.

    • Placement of Bedroom Furniture: In a big bedroom, bed can be placed at the edge or at the middle of the room without blocking the entrance and other doors. Other furniture are arranged in such manner that those can be used conveniently leaving enough free space at the middle of the room. However, in a small bedroom, a bed if placed in the middle or close to entrance will make the room very congested. So, it is preferable to place the bed at the edge of the room and  next to a wall.

    • Curtain/Blinds/Shades: For small bedrooms, we will not go for curtain, blinds or shades which are lighter in color. Sheer curtains will let natural light to come in during day tie and will make the room look great. However, some bright color like orange, yellow, light green can be picked as well.

    • Bedding Sets : A room looks really great, if we choose bedroom textiles (bed sheet, comforter, douvet  cover, quilts etc) with matching colour. However, If one is with too bright/dark print/pattern, the other should be plain in colour. However, for a small bedroom, if curtains and bed both are placed next to each other then light colour should be chosen for curtains. 

    • Bedroom decor: Light fixtures, green plants(natural or  artificial), wall decorations (i.e. wall stickers/wall decals, wall painting, metal wall art), photo frames, decorative pillows/cushions, rugs, decorative accessories etc are some elements that add elegance to our bedrooms. However, none of us want our bedroom to look like a museum. Also, too much decoration affect the relaxing environment of a bedroom. A little presence of any sort of decor is enough to make a bedroom  very cozy.
    Now, last but most important thing. Facts like  choosing wall colour, floor material, room size etc are not in our hand when we stay in a rented house. Still it is possible to make our rooms very cozy by:
    •  properly placing the  furniture,
    • carefully choosing the colour combination from textiles and curtains that we already have and
    • keeping bedrooms clean and organized.
    So, what to wait for? Let us fall in love with our cozy bedrooms.

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